Quote of the Day: Optimism Edition

The future, which is not a bad deal if you ignore all the collateral gore. Young men and women are still coming here to remake the world, they just won’t be stopping by the human resources department of Condé Nast to begin their ascent. For every kid that I bump into who is wandering the media industry looking for an entrance that closed some time ago, I come across another who is a bundle of ideas, energy and technological mastery. The next wave is not just knocking on doors, but seeking to knock them down.

David Carr, writer, New York Times, in his 11/30 must-read column, “The Fall and Rise of Media.”

[Quote of the Day] Why Newspapers are like the Titanic

“The best analogy I can think of is — have you ever heard of the Titanic Fallacy?” he asked. We hadn’t. “What was the critical flaw to the Titanic?” We tried to answer: Poor construction? Not enough life boats? Crashing into stuff? “A captain trying to set a world speed record through an iceberg field?” he said, shaking his head. “Even if the Titanic came in safely to New York Harbor, it was still doomed,” he said. “Twelve years earlier, two brothers invented the airplane.”

~NYT publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. via Mediaite

Quote of the Day: Newspaper Bailout Edition

“The newspaper industry is not seeking a financial “bailout” or any other kind of special subsidy. We don’t believe direct government financial assistance is appropriate for an industry whose core mission is news gathering, analysis and dissemination.  From a business perspective, we are happy to be treated no differently than other local businesses.  However, there are certain steps that Congress can take, in the short term, that will assist all businesses — including ours — that are attempting to stabilize their financial situations.”

~John Sturm, CEO of the Newspaper Association of America, before congress on 9/24/2009

Full story and copy of his statement at All Things D.


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