Weekend Link Roundup

Pay Walls, Fact Checks and Congress – all here today:

End the Dot-Com Newspaper…in three slides

Not that I agree with the idea in the slightest, but here’s the logic that Farhi must have in terms of user experience:

These three slides are a part of a guest lecture I did earlier this year up at Boston College. The full lecture is also on SlideShare.

Morning Reading 8 21 09

The “Take Newspapers Offline!” debate continues, but first, some thoughts on what the feds can provide to save journalism. (N.b.: “Save Journalism”, not “Save Newspapers.” Once again, there’s a difference.)

But putting my interests aside, this gets to one of the odder conflicts in journalism: Farhi is saying that the media should make a decision to inform fewer people. To do its job — if you understand its job as providing news rather making profits — worse.

Afternoon Reading 8 20 09

Late to the party, here’s some afternoon reading. The Paul Farhi/AJR article is going to make some waves in terms of criticism.

Unless the newspaper industry can persuade the rest of the digital world to stop creating new Web sites, or can persuade many more millions of people to start visiting their own sites, everyone in the online news business will be on the wrong side of the supply and demand problem. Forever.


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