Media Kerfuffles HCR Ruling

Covering the news of it is a little more interesting, but you can’t get by a certain sub-story. This picture is worth more words than diving in on it, though:

(via Mediaite on Tumblr)

[#HCR] Why You Do Not Abandon Blowouts

I don’t talk politics here; I’ve always been interested in it but I know that’s not my area of expertise. I am more than content to let others rant, but I do have some opinions. Back in January, part of me was trying to block out the news from my home state of Massachusetts that seemed to be signaling the end of the road for healthcare reform for this country.

Two months later, on a beautiful spring day here in Washington, D.C., what we once thought would never happen looks like it just may come in a vote later this evening. Moments ago, MSNBC, via Ezra Klein, reported that one of the last dominoes seems to have toppled.

I may avoid politics, but media coverage and journalism are certainly at home here; sometimes, that includes the fictional. Art imitates life, and this is almost a moment that seems constructed within¬†Aaron Sorkin’s universe. As the hours tick away until the vote, I turn to some of the wisest words he’s ever shared, by way of the short-lived-but-amazing Sports Night.

Do Not Abandon Blowouts


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