How Is The Daily Planet Still Open?

Yeah, yeah, it’s The Onion…but it’s a really good point:

Frustrated fans of the Superman comic book said Monday the continued financial stability and cultural relevance of the series’ Daily Planet newspaper is now the most unrealistic part of its universe and an annoying distraction that has ruined their reading experience.

The rest is here.

QOTD: Carr Takes Newspaper Business to Task

“While the rest of us were burning hot dogs on the grill last week, the newspaper industry seemed to be lighting itself on fire.”

This is an amazing piece from none other than  New York Times’ media scribe, David Carr. Go read it all.

Press-Register’s “Goodnight, Everybody!”

Do read the Charles Apple take on this one. Seriously.


National Reporting Pulitzer? Never Was In Print

And they said that the death of print would be bad for journalism.

Onion News Network on Boston Globe’s Last Three Subscribers

Outstanding. It’s the Onion, so don’t be shocked by language or lewdness. Can’t embed here, but worth a trip over there to watch this great satire on the Boston Globe customizing its content for its last three print subscribers.


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